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Who We Are:

To understand who we are, you must understand how we DEFINE ourselves

RECON – [rəˈkän]:

 perform a preliminary survey to gain Information and insight

Surveillance should never be conducted without RECON first.

SURVEILLANCE – [sərˈvāləns]:
art of discreetly watching someone or something to obtain information 

It takes an exceptionally diverse investigator to get quality RESULTS.


GROUP – [ɡro͞op]:
a number of specialized people working together with a unified goal

A TEAM approach produces the most effective case results.

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Certified Surveillance Operations

CERTIFIED – [sur-tuh-fahyd]:
quality results / attest to verified information / recognized as possessing certain qualifications

RECON Surveillance Group was the 1st surveillance provider in the US to earn an OFQUAL approved Level 4 Industry Certification in   Covert Rural Surveillance Operations
We are capable of operating in any urban and rural environment to get our clients the results they deserve.

Whether you are a large corporation, small business, insurance company, third party administrator, corporate law firm, or a self insured, we offer advanced surveillance services to provide you certified results!

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RECON Insight

A quality surveillance analysis can provide a wealth of information to assist in determining the most effective use of physical surveillance. Our Social Media Survey can provide you with information on what a subject may be doing on a regular basis, build an activity profile, find supporting evidence, and more. We don’t stop at just searching Facebook and Google; there are many sites that may contain that key piece of information that can make or break a case.

Our clients have learned that there is a huge value in conducting a RECON Insight shortly after a claim or incident occurs. The Insight can help identify potential key witnesses/photos of an incident, and can provide critical information to help guide the decision process as a claim develops further. A small investment early on can save on a large exposure down the road. Conducting recon will provide for a more effective and efficient use of surveillance and reduce costs.

RECON Urban Surveillance

Our investigators utilize the latest technology and techniques available and operate in any conditions. Each investigator is cross-trained for both urban and rural surveillance. Our investigators are familiar with the local cities and urban residential areas where we operate. We utilize custom equipped vehicles that allow us to blend into local urban settings and obtain the results you need without being compromised. We can also mobilize multi-member teams when cases demand a high level of coverage. 


We continue to adapt to the environment around us, providing the results you need.

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RECON Rural Surveillance

Our investigators were the first in the US to become certified in Rural Surveillance Operations for the commercial market. And each investigator carries specialized gear at all times which allows them to blend into the changing rural environments that are encountered throughout the varied seasons. We are capable of maintaining prolonged operations without the need of resupply. And we are diverse enough to go from an urban city to the deeps woods as case needs change. Investigators also have access to ATVs, boats, campers, snowmobiles, and other recreational equipment to go wherever the subject leads them. 


It takes a group of exceptionally diverse investigators to ensure that all the facts and documentation are obtained in your case no matter what the environment.

RECON Technical Surveillance

RECON Surveillance Group offers almost limitless options for unmanned surveillance no matter what the terrain, conditions, or circumstances. Utilizing our expertise and training along with advanced video surveillance technology, we can collect intelligence at all hours of the day over multiple days. 

Whether disguised in plain sight in an urban area or set up for long range surveillance in a rural area, our high tech video equipment can be deployed in situations where traditional manned surveillance may be unsuitable, such as high risk areas or for long term monitoring. Unmanned cameras can also be utilized to assist in manned surveillance to reduce costs and minimize exposure. 

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Who We Are
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RECON Surveillance Training

RECON is dedicated to changing the level of service that the commercial surveillance industry provides to clients. Surveillance should only be conducted by investigators who have received the correct training. We offer advanced training courses to other like-minded investigators and organizations in the industry, bringing the most up-to-date and comprehensive surveillance training courses to the commercial market.

Due to ongoing course demand, we are only filling courses via inquiries from dedicated groups. If you are a part of a group that would be interested in our training, please contact us directly to further discuss course options and dates.

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At RECON Surveillance Group, our clients are our priority. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you obtain the results you expect on your next surveillance.


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